NACCHO – PHII Webinar this Monday, June 23rd “Building Informatics Capacity Through Workforce Development”

Please join NACCHO and PHII this Monday, June 23rd for an exciting webinar on building informatics capacity in local health departments through workforce development!


Title: Building Informatics Capacity through Workforce Development

Date: June 23, 2014

Time: 3:00- 4:00 PM EDT

Join: Reserve your Webinar seat now


The challenges to building the informatics capabilities of public health agencies are many and varied. A common challenge is related to workforce development activities to recruit, select, hire, train and retain individuals that have the combination of skills and competencies needed by informatics professionals. Some of these challenges are related to establishing competitive salaries, finding individuals with the appropriate skill sets and distinguishing between IT and Informatics positions, skills, knowledge and abilities.

The webinar presentation is intended to

  • Increase awareness of common workforce related challenges to building informatics capability.
  • Increase awareness of products and resources that are available to assist local health agency staff to develop informatics position descriptions.
  • Provide an opportunity to hear how your colleagues have addressed informatics challenges in their organizations.

In 2013, CDC sponsored an opportunity that supported NACCHO and the Public Health Informatics Institute (PHII) to develop useful tools to assist public health agency staff to address of these issues. As an emerging discipline, the resources to assist public health agencies to establish informatics capacity at an agency level were limited. The partners established a process to draft, review and create example position descriptions for public health agencies to utilize within their organizations to establish informatics positions. These included sample position descriptions for the executive, management, clinical, and professional levels, and a brief description of a professional career ladder that describes the various positions for professionals that seek further career growth. A cross-walk document that links informatics competencies to tasks and duties was also created to assist agencies to develop position descriptions for various types of informatics jobs.


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